Q360 In-Floor Cleaning System

Advanced Circulation to automatically clean your swimming
pool, circulating water, while removing debris.

Custom-designed to clean everything. Without help.

Q360 In-Floor Cleaning System

The Q360 in-floor system circulates your pool water, removing and properly storing debris in the process.

It is aerospace engineered to maximize water flow and reduce chemicals (15-20% savings) and energy (20-30% savings) costs.
The system’s glass-reinforced space-age molded construction weathers the elements, and is saltwater and chemical friendly.

And you? You do nothing. No vacuum to turn on. No water blockages to unclog. No hassle. Just beautiful, clean pool water.

Works in 4 Simple Parts.

Premier Fibreglass Pools Australia

1. Water Flows by the Variable Speed Water Delivery System.

The Q360 patented water valve is the heart of the cleaning system, providing smooth and effective water flow at any pump speed.

The 6-port design distributes powerful water to each jet, systematically circulating the complete body of water.

And with its transparent lid, you can check in on its operation any time.

Premier Fibreglass Pools Australia
Premier Fibreglass Pools Australia

2. Jets Push With Power.

Jets, using a 360-degree mechanism, move water out of every corner and cove, circulating the entire body of water and any debris within it.

Three nozzle designs, including High Flow, Low Flow, and Dual Flow, create customized cleaning options.
5 color options available: White, Grey, Black, Beige, and Blue.

3. Drain Discards Debris With Ease.

All debris is pushed into the Eclipse drain. With its circular design and single source suction, this drain blends into any pool shape and design, while meeting all anti-entrapment safety regulations.

2 color options available: White and Grey.

Premier Fibreglass Pools Australia

4. Canister Stores Debris for Days (or More Like Months).

The Abyss canister, providing the biggest storage capacity in the market, captures debris and channels it to the bottom of the basket, minimizing flow loss for maximum efficiency.

Designed to keep heavy debris down, keeping it from interfering with the operation of your pool equipment and filtration system, while maintaining steady water flow.

Technical Specs:
Non-Corroding Fabrication
Tapered collar glues inside 2 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe

Premier Fibreglass Pools Australia
Premier Fibreglass Pools Australia
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