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Quality Assurance

5 Tick Certified Product

Premier Fibreglass Pools prides itself on building quality fibreglass swimming pools. We follow the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product certification. Their approval process is extremely involved in the pool manufacturing processes and procedures.

What does the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product mean to you, the customer:

  • There are clear and standardised procedures for each
  • manufacturing stage of our pool shells.
  • All materials supplied are rigidly controlled to meet performance specifications, there are no exceptions. This applies to gelcoat, resins, glass, reinforcing materials, additional fixtures and fittings. All of these materials are approved products for the manufacture of fibreglass swimming pools.
  • The manufacturing process is monitored at every step. From the beginning process of preparing the mould, through the full production, final detailing, inspection, storage and transport to site. The operating conditions of the manufacturing facilities including temperature and humidity are closely monitored and adjusted accordingly.
  • Once the pool is released from the mould, stringent and comprehensive testing is performed. The gelcoat finish and colour is visually inspected. The hardness of the surface is measured as well as the wall thickness , We also weigh our pools to meet the standards.
  • Every pool is embossed with our name
Premier Fibreglass Pools Australia

Quality Assurance


Premier Fibreglass Pools warrants to all of its valued customers that every pool :

  • Has been manufactured under strict quality assurance controls and exceeds Australian and World standards for strength and durability.
  • Has a unique registration number for product process control and traceability, recording material weights, wall thickness, hardness, production environment.
  • Only the best materials, operating conditions and production crews are used to build our pools. You are getting the benefit of manufacturing and support from people with extensive skill and knowledge in the swimming pool manufacturing industry.
  • Has a structural warranty, and a gelcoat (internal) warranty which are supported by the following Australian Standards; AS/NZS 1838, AS/NZS 1839 and AS3633.

Trade Experts

Our Installation Process

One of our friendly dealers will come to site to evaluate positioning, access and pool requirements.

A Template of the pool shape is laid out on the ground to create the initial shape of the pool.

The measurements of the pool are checked and squared up relevant to houses or other surrounding structures. Once we are happy with the pool positioning an excavator is ready to start digging the pool hole.

The pool hole is then dug and the excavated materials are removed from site.

The base material is then screaded to set heights for the pool to be placed into position

The crane is then positioned and set up.

The pool is then connected to the crane and the lift begins.

The pool is then lowered down into position.

The pools final sitting position is measured and squared up before the crane leaves the site, levels at this stage are also checked.

STEP 10:
Pipework, filters and lights are all connected and the process of back filling the water begins.

STEP 11:
The concrete bond beam/slab are then prepared and poured awaiting pavers/tiles to finish off the pool.

STEP 12:
The coping pavers/tiles and fencing are installed and your swimming pool water is balanced ready for swimming.

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